I love creating characters. I find it to be fun. Sometimes I feel like creating characters is an art or craft because what has to be done to make an effective hook for a story. Care has to go into creating them; what they’re like, who they will become, etc. When I create characters, I … More Characters


I am not really sure how I discovered the existence of fanfictions (people writing stories on published works), but I think it started with Harry Potter. I was bored one day while I was on MuggleNet, not sure what to do and I found a link to HarryPotterFanFiction, clicked on a story and read. The stories I really … More FanFictions


I have too much to write; I have multiple ideas and not enough time to write them. My name is Alyssa Flynn and I am aspiring novelist. I am currently attending school for magazine journalism. I eventually want to be a part of a publishing company for fiction books, along with an editor for a … More YO!