Pick that book back up! and NANOWRIMO

Over the summer I had the pleasure of reading for fun. It’s has become increasingly hard to enjoy what I pick up and not close it because I have to do homework. I would never be completely immersed in what I was reading for that simple factor. And it sucks.

But when there is free time, take it and remind yourself why you wanted to write. I’m going to do a little more reading before I start to write. I would suggest something that is not in the genre you’re writing because ideas from the book a could magically make its way into what you’re writing. That’s no good when trying to make your work original as possible.

It’s hard to write what you want when you have projects and homework to do. Hopefully, as the school year goes on I will read for fun before I write.

NANOWRIMO is coming up pretty soon. Every time November rolls around I say I’m going to do it, but school wants to get in the way. I will do my best and I hope to start posting short stories then with summaries of other things I’m working on. Like my novel series, Torque.

Well, until next time, pick up a book. Or books.

Let me know if this is something you do before writing or you do something else to mentally prepare yourself.
XO Arisa


A dreamer is one

A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.

-Oscar Wilde

Sleep…naw @_@

I never sleep. Yesterday (October 16th) was my birthday and I was busy all day and didn’t spend it the way I wanted to. I just need a break, when I finally do it’s the next day and I still have things to do. No sleep. No big deal.

Teacher Sickness

I meant to post on Friday, but it’s very clear that I didn’t.

Apparently my creative writing teacher got sick over Labor day holiday and did not come in on Tuesday. So he asked someone to fill in for him. The sub was nice and we were able to read poems that we had brought in. The poem that I brought in was La Mer – Oscar Wilde. I did not read my poem but I did discuss what I liked about it.

Then the sub tells us that she has brought in a poem for us to read. The poem was The Impossible – Bruce Weigl. It was pretty graphic and it takes the reader for a loop. Before I discuss the poem, I want to know what you think about it. It’s a sensitive topic and its graphic too, so if you’re not up to reading something that mentions rape do not click the link.

Once we were finished reading the poem two times and doing a mini discussion, the sub asked us to make a poem for Thursday. The catch was that we had to use three words from the poem we brought in. When I go to class on Thursday, the class was cancelled. There was no email sent out saying that class was cancelled. I was bummed that I walked all the way to class, just to see a white paper saying it was cancelled. And I did not have anything else to do until 2:15 that day. Oh well.

The three words I used were gleam, polished, and revelled. Here’s the poem:

A Shiny Tip

A shiny tip, that gleams a

Silver halo as ink spreads

Across the white.

Sleek and somewhat polished as

It revels in and out of black lines

This poem belongs to Alyssa Flynn. Do not alter without permission or sell.