Writing Prompt No. 3

Some dialogue starters: “There are consequences to your actions, you know this – it puts us all….” “This can’t be any different than when we….” “You watched me lie there, I would think that….” “But I am young, so what…”   Check out the last writing prompts here!

Book buying

I am currently watching Kill Bill 1. I haven’t seen this movie in a while. The action scenes= awesome! Anyways. I know haven’t posted in a while. Maybe it’s because I have lost motivation in updating the blog and not having as many hits. I’ve decided to try and let it  not get to me. I’ll continue … More Book buying


I love creating characters. I find it to be fun. Sometimes I feel like creating characters is an art or craft because what has to be done to make an effective hook for a story. Care has to go into creating them; what they’re like, who they will become, etc. When I create characters, I … More Characters