It’s only the first three pages

Tuesday, I read the first three pages of my novel in class. It wasn’t bad. But I hate reading my work out loud. For instance, I noticed I used the word ‘door’ multiple times, when it was not necessary. I find it funny how you find things when you read everything out loud.

When I heard everyone’s critique, I begin to realize how much people expect out of the first three pages. Isn’t there a saying that it’s the first three pages that should capture the reader before they move on with their lives? Something like that. I got good feedback, saying I need to hone a little bit more on the perspective of my character. I was attempting to go for a third person limited, but I am not sure if I completed that task successfully.

I find it really hard because I am trying not to put so much of myself in it. Which is one of the reasons why I don’t want to have this story in first person. Plus third person view will make the image I am trying to create a little bigger.

Then they kept calling my fantasy/ action fiction, sci-fi, I was slightly offended. But that’s another subject for another time.

As they went on and on about wanting to know more and wondering why I put certain things in and wanting more from background (or something), a classmate of mine reminded them that it is the first three pages, and that I am not going to reveal the whole plot on the first page. Though I did not much to go on, everything I write will play it’s part later. I rarely add fluff.

Overall, majority of the people liked what I did. Which is cool and makes me feel confident in my writing. Well, I am off to do boring homework.

XO Arisa

Teacher Sickness

I meant to post on Friday, but it’s very clear that I didn’t.

Apparently my creative writing teacher got sick over Labor day holiday and did not come in on Tuesday. So he asked someone to fill in for him. The sub was nice and we were able to read poems that we had brought in. The poem that I brought in was La Mer – Oscar Wilde. I did not read my poem but I did discuss what I liked about it.

Then the sub tells us that she has brought in a poem for us to read. The poem was The Impossible – Bruce Weigl. It was pretty graphic and it takes the reader for a loop. Before I discuss the poem, I want to know what you think about it. It’s a sensitive topic and its graphic too, so if you’re not up to reading something that mentions rape do not click the link.

Once we were finished reading the poem two times and doing a mini discussion, the sub asked us to make a poem for Thursday. The catch was that we had to use three words from the poem we brought in. When I go to class on Thursday, the class was cancelled. There was no email sent out saying that class was cancelled. I was bummed that I walked all the way to class, just to see a white paper saying it was cancelled. And I did not have anything else to do until 2:15 that day. Oh well.

The three words I used were gleam, polished, and revelled. Here’s the poem:

A Shiny Tip

A shiny tip, that gleams a

Silver halo as ink spreads

Across the white.

Sleek and somewhat polished as

It revels in and out of black lines

This poem belongs to Alyssa Flynn. Do not alter without permission or sell.

Blog Response: It Isn’t About You…

This is a blog response to Allie B. Books post: It isn’t about you…

I am so glad that this post was made! At the time Allie B. Books made this post, I was feeling meh about my writing. I was also afraid of putting too much of myself into the words I wrote. Sure there is an eraser at the end of my pencil, but it still doesn’t shake the feeling that I’m putting to much of myself in it. Like the title of the post said, It isn’t about you.

There are pointers that are in the post itself and makes note of the things that writers put in their stories. Stating the type of character, Allie B. Books, proceeds to explain that certain characters are the way they are because of an influence in our lives.

I think it’s good to put a little bit of yourself in your novel but it depends on how much you put into. If it’s too much then it becomes a problem, but there is a thing called an eraser/ backspace button.

Three main parts of this post are: The Bully as the Whipping Boy, The Stone- Carved Lover, and The Everything I Wish I Was. Each section points out problems and/ or solutions to avoid character development that you probably don’t want.

To read this blog, just click the link above. And good luck writing!

XO Arisa


I am not really sure how I discovered the existence of fanfictions (people writing stories on published works), but I think it started with Harry Potter.

I was bored one day while I was on MuggleNet, not sure what to do and I found a link to HarryPotterFanFiction, clicked on a story and read. The stories I really liked; it was  like an alternate ending, beginning or middle. When I was younger I could not tell the difference between good grammar and bad grammar; however, I did know what I liked structure wise.

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