Writing Playlists and Music

Sometimes in order to get in the mood to write, I like to turn on my music. I use it to focus and block out the background noise. I usually listen to my playlist that I made for my fanfiction more than the ones I’ve made for Torque or my works.

The music sets the mood for the scene I am going to write, whether it be for my fanfiction or writings. There are times when I get so obsessed with finding the right song for an “epic” scene, that I would spend at least a hour looking for the song. Sometimes, it takes longer to find it, which makes it harder to write.

There are some authors that create playlists for books – something that they listened to while writing. The only author  I can think of that has done it is Stephanie Meyer for Twilight. I remember when I was into Twilight, I would go on the website and listen to music. I think she used to express the feelings of her characters throughout the book, but I don’t remember what it was specifically for.

I think ever since then I started creating playlists for my characters or just for the entire work. I find it fun, but I feel like it does more harm than good. Like I said above, it’s distracting; next thing you know you’re searching for the right song(s) for three hours and it’s past midnight. (Haha, me.) I think I spend so much time trying to find the right music is because it makes writing a little less lonely.

I’m sure this is something that I will continue while I’m writing.

Do any of you use music to help with writing, or nah? Let me know in the comments below. If you want a link to one of my playlists, let me know!

Until Sunday, Ciao!

XO Arisa

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Intimidation of page numbers and word count


Intimidation of page numbers and word count

I’ve come to realize why it’s hard to write, and why it may be hard for others to write. The expectancy of x amount of pages for chapter or book.

When someone expects a certain amount or as a writer, you pressure yourself to get the amount you want or need, it can take the fun out of writing. It can make your writing area into a stressful environment. Which is not very productive.

It’s all some writers, like myself, can think about when writing. It started to make me feel unmotivated when I tried and write Torque.
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For real this time

I am back now. For real this time. Sorry, I’ve been gone for so long but a break was needed after a stressful school year.

The school year has started and I am ready to do better than last year, but I started the first day without a writer’s essential tool: a notebook.

This summer I read J.K. Rowling’s new book, The Cuckoo’s Calling,  and once again, she has made realize why I started writing in the first place and why I want to tell stories. I will start posting a short story soon. I just have to change a few real-life situations around and give my characters names. They are all referred by the main character’s description of them. Or maybe I will keep it. We’ll see.

I have started my on-and-off again addiction. Fan fiction. I’ve started rewriting a story that I had 15 chapters to, but to me it wasn’t good enough. It was also outdated with all the new information from the manga. I will post the fan fiction here and on fanfiction.net. There will be certain things I will cut out, just for the sake of this being my personal blog.

I’m really excited to reboot this blog. Hopefully things won’t become too hectic in my life and I will be able to manage this.

XO Arisa

It’s only the first three pages redone + another page

Yes, winter break

Yes, winter break

I am done with school. For now. I will enjoy it as long as I can. I know I have not updated in the longest time. I was trying to do two posts a month, but as you all can tell I did not do well with that.

So for my creative writing class, everyone had to turn in two pieces of works that we thought were the best. It didn’t matter how long it had be, we just had to turn it in. Cool, I can do that. I turn in a poem and the first three pages of my novel redone, plus an extra page. I felt like I did well. The final project was to determine if we had received an A in the class.

I took people’s thoughts into consideration on how to make it better. I added more detail. I added an extra page, even though I wanted it to be 5. (I was running out of time, after saying I would turn it in at 2, it was all ready 230-ish.) After waiting several days, and not getting the grades I wanted from my other classes, I was getting a little impatient. I understood that he had to read everyone’s work and make a decision, but on Tuesday, 10 minutes before grades were due I see my grade.

A B+. Cool. No big deal, but seriously. I felt like I worked hard to get an A, but got a B+ instead. Yeah, my grade could have been worse.  I think that the last thing to determine an A was our final project, was a little unfair, but it is a creative writing class.

I am glad that class was a success, my news writing class was not. It was a pain in the ASS. Like a big pain. The class has left me questioning my major and with dry writing. Sweet.

XO Arisa


I am not really sure how I discovered the existence of fanfictions (people writing stories on published works), but I think it started with Harry Potter.

I was bored one day while I was on MuggleNet, not sure what to do and I found a link to HarryPotterFanFiction, clicked on a story and read. The stories I really liked; it was  like an alternate ending, beginning or middle. When I was younger I could not tell the difference between good grammar and bad grammar; however, I did know what I liked structure wise.

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