Top 5 Wednesday | Cover Buys & Books I wish I read earlier

This is my first top five Wednesday! I will later post a video to this. As of now, my blog post will do. This tag was created by  Lainey at Goodreads! Anyone can participate, just link to the Goodreads group and posts your updates.

Cover Buys:

Tiger's Curse | C. Houck

Tiger’s Curse

Tiger’s Curse – Colleen Houck:

Currently reading this book. I saw the cover and decided to read the summary. I thought I would like, but it’s not turning out that way. I hope I can finish it.

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Updates, Tumblr and Writing

I keep disappearing  into non activity.  I was busy with the end of my semester at school. I am on break now until classes start  again on Jan. 14.

In the last decade there has been books made into movies. It makes me dream about my unpublished book being turned into a novel. Am I the only who thinks about that? I’ve been told that I write in a ‘movie format,’ which is accurate. Every time I think about a scene from my book, that could be somewhat interesting, it plays in my head like a movie. It goes hand in hand with being observant.

But unfortunately, it’s hard to write exactly what’s in my mind without it being sloppy or rushed. It could be the reason why it takes me longer than usually to write. But perhaps that experience just happens to me.

And then I got a Tumblr. I got one for my study abroad trip in Italy. I thought it would be best to share photos, pictures and my adventures. But. I am distracted by a lot of photos from one of my favorite animes (Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan). It really gets out of hand with the posts. I’ve done a good job with not reblogging a lot of photos, but I have over 70 likes on peoples’ photos.

If you wish to see my reblogs of Shingeki no Kyojin/ Attack on Titan and my posts on Italy here is the url:

Well this is all I have, for now. Have a good Holiday!

I don’t know what I’m doing but…

I seriously don’t know what I am doing, but I hope to begin the film script soon. I have set up a time with my friends this past Monday to help brainstorm some ideas and hopefully begin something.

Since I have no clue what I am doing, I have asked two of my theatre friends and my college writing professor, who studied film to help. Of course my theatre friends will be guide in regards to content and plot in this form of writing. My professor said he was going to send references to help with structure and ways to set up the script. I’ll eventually search the for references myself.

When my friends and I talked on Monday, I told them the truth about not knowing what I’m doing. So one of them told me to write a 10-page script and told me not to think about what I was writing. All I could think was: “How am I not supposed to think?”

I am used to thinking about what I’m writing and whether it will make sense and if the plot will match down the line. The 10-page script will be challenge for me to do, but I am up to it. I must finish by the next time we talk to each other.

The reason why I want to create a film script is because I want to try something new with writing, for fun and because of my college writing 2 course. The course was based on the analysis of film and writing papers on them. Watching the films made me want to know what was the process like for the writers of the movie. The dialogue is the backbone of the movie then the visuals.

I think that when stories are created and turned into a great visual masterpiece, it’s pretty freaking awesome. Lately, I have been looking a graduate schools that offer film or television programs. I am finding it hard to chose what I want to do for a Master’s degree.

I think this will conclude my rant about not knowing what I am doing.

And for you Trekkie fans, go see Star Trek: Into Darkness. I found it quite delightful, I want to see it again. (The lens flares don’t disappoint.)

XO Arisa (If you guys have good references for script writing, format, etc.  comment below.)

I’m Back ~ Kind Of

Whoa! It’s seriously been months since I have updated my blog. Second semester took me by storm, tossed me in the ocean with nothing and I had to learn to swim. I’m swimming now, but I was definitely drowning for a bit. Not going to lie. Since I can’t update as often as I want to, I will post some motivational quotes.

I have so many plans that I want to execute  when I am not swamped with school work. Here is the list.

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Creative Writing

I started school on this past Monday and I was already excited for my creative writing class more than anything. Since I have a writing minor, I have to take this class; I had other options like business writing and technical writing, I chose the latter and creative writing.

Before choosing the teacher of all of my classes, I look them up on I couldn’t find the teacher, I even tried to google him and it didn’t work. So I took the chance and decided on this unknown teacher. Turns out when I got to class on Tuesday, he’s a graduate student.

He is unorganized, but his attitude about writing is exciting and the class is pretty chill. Most professors and some graduate assistants are more strict, organized and have a set way of doing things. But this is a creative writing class, so grading things are going to be difficult to judge. After Thursday I am still unsure what’s going to be graded. I’m just going to go with the wind on this.

Sure he talks a lot, (he kept us the whole time the first day of class; it’s not unheard of, but still), I feel like I am going to get a lot out of this class. Which is good because I eventually want to write for a living. (Who knows how that’s going to work out.) He said that he believed the Harry Potter world was real, which made me freaking happy. All I could think was that I have a cool ass teacher, who kind of look likes Matt Smith (from Doctor Who #11).

He said we could call him Jacky Legs, yesterday. Which I thought was weird…I guess I am still in the mentality of Instructor-Student. Whatever. No big deal.

The first assignment is to find a poem we like and bring it in to class.

Now that I have that rant out, I will be updating the things that I do in my creative writing class along with the work I produce. I’m tired and it’s been a week. So glad I have no class on Fridays!!!


“Relax” The nurse said, holding a needle and an alcohol pad.

‘Oh, man, this is gonna hurt’ I thought and dread flutters in my stomach.

She wipes the textured pad on on arm; the section of my arm began to dry slowly.

“It’s going to be a little poke” she said, drying the rest of the alcohol off my left arm.

I looked away, waiting for this ‘poke’.

The vaccine exited the tiny needle with a slight prick to my skin.

A bandage is placed on my arm.

Okay, so it wasn’t so bad.

Until this morning and it feels like I’ve been punched 5 times

in the same freaking spot.


I’m a little rusty at my poetry skills. I guess I shall work on that. Then I got my blood drawn after….that was a pain:

NEW NURSE: “Relax…..Your vein keeps moving”

ME, thinking: Oh, sure, keep prodding the needle under my skin. No big deal. Let’s just go in a chase to find my run away vein.

I can’t lift my left arm so much because it’s so sore. I’m just going to be slightly lazy today and I’ll try and have another post up as soon as possible.


Honestly, I love when books are going to be turned into movies or TV shows; it makes the fandom of a series larger. But sometimes I feel like it’s out of control.

It’s almost like, once a book becomes a New York Times bestseller, someone in hollywood is thinking: “We can make a crap load of money, let’s buy the rights and make money”

Mr. Krabs

Is it just me? What are some of your thoughts on book to film/ t.v adaptations.


I finally did it. I finally started my first novel again. And the word ‘Finally’ is the first word. I am happy that I started again because I was really hesitant because I did not nowhere to start. I think I was even afraid to start, not wanting it to be bad. But I thought about what a mentor said to me. He said don’t be afraid to write.

It constantly played in my head over and over last night, until 2 am hit and I started writing. And for some reason I find it easier to write at the dead of night/ morning than during the day. Maybe because of the things that are going on and the tasks that I have to complete.

Does anyone else write super late?

Also, I will make another post soon about some organizing things that I did recently for notebooks, but I can’t find my camera at all. The only camera I have is the one on my phone and it did not produce the best quality. So until my parents get back with their camera, I am camera-less. Maybe this is a sign I need a new camera? 🙂

Oh, yeah. Does anyone watch the Legend of Korra?I’m Excited for Saturday!

xo Arisa