Nothing but Dreamers

Dreamers in the land of sharks. That’s what we are. We are a generation of fantasy consumers. It’s clear that some of us can’t escape. But some we chose to turn our backs on society. To shut out the reality and the hurt that follows. But we as dreamers are fighters for our ambitions.
-p.s. i’m back!! (again)


Updates, Tumblr and Writing

I keep disappearing  into non activity.  I was busy with the end of my semester at school. I am on break now until classes start  again on Jan. 14.

In the last decade there has been books made into movies. It makes me dream about my unpublished book being turned into a novel. Am I the only who thinks about that? I’ve been told that I write in a ‘movie format,’ which is accurate. Every time I think about a scene from my book, that could be somewhat interesting, it plays in my head like a movie. It goes hand in hand with being observant.

But unfortunately, it’s hard to write exactly what’s in my mind without it being sloppy or rushed. It could be the reason why it takes me longer than usually to write. But perhaps that experience just happens to me.

And then I got a Tumblr. I got one for my study abroad trip in Italy. I thought it would be best to share photos, pictures and my adventures. But. I am distracted by a lot of photos from one of my favorite animes (Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan). It really gets out of hand with the posts. I’ve done a good job with not reblogging a lot of photos, but I have over 70 likes on peoples’ photos.

If you wish to see my reblogs of Shingeki no Kyojin/ Attack on Titan and my posts on Italy here is the url:

Well this is all I have, for now. Have a good Holiday!

For real this time

I am back now. For real this time. Sorry, I’ve been gone for so long but a break was needed after a stressful school year.

The school year has started and I am ready to do better than last year, but I started the first day without a writer’s essential tool: a notebook.

This summer I read J.K. Rowling’s new book, The Cuckoo’s Calling,  and once again, she has made realize why I started writing in the first place and why I want to tell stories. I will start posting a short story soon. I just have to change a few real-life situations around and give my characters names. They are all referred by the main character’s description of them. Or maybe I will keep it. We’ll see.

I have started my on-and-off again addiction. Fan fiction. I’ve started rewriting a story that I had 15 chapters to, but to me it wasn’t good enough. It was also outdated with all the new information from the manga. I will post the fan fiction here and on There will be certain things I will cut out, just for the sake of this being my personal blog.

I’m really excited to reboot this blog. Hopefully things won’t become too hectic in my life and I will be able to manage this.

XO Arisa

I’m Back ~ Kind Of

Whoa! It’s seriously been months since I have updated my blog. Second semester took me by storm, tossed me in the ocean with nothing and I had to learn to swim. I’m swimming now, but I was definitely drowning for a bit. Not going to lie. Since I can’t update as often as I want to, I will post some motivational quotes.

I have so many plans that I want to execute  when I am not swamped with school work. Here is the list.

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