Writing Prompt No. 3

Some dialogue starters: “There are consequences to your actions, you know this – it puts us all….” “This can’t be any different than when we….” “You watched me lie there, I would think that….” “But I am young, so what…”   Check out the last writing prompts here!

Writing prompt No. 2

In a rush, your character bumps into someone while not paying attention. Both knock a plethora of items onto the ground, jumbled and mixed together. They gather their things and continue on their way…. by the time your character gets home they notice that there’s something that’s not theirs. Your character needs to change appearances … More Writing prompt No. 2

Make the most of your time

When going back and forth between projects, or getting caught up with what life throws at you, you neglect the project that you’ve poured your soul into. And when you return to the beloved project, you can’t seem to find the right words. Sure, you can always plop some words onto the page but it isn’t flowing like it use to. Even when your words weren’t perfect, you kept going.

Well, what now? … More Make the most of your time

New Story Idea!

Hello Readers. If there still are any. (I keep disappearing because of life.) I am currently was in Italia, studying abroad and taking trips to amazing places. I just recently went to Paris and it was amazing. While I was there it seemed so unreal, that I am studying abroad. There are many people that do … More New Story Idea!