I don’t know what I’m doing but…

I seriously don’t know what I am doing, but I hope to begin the film script soon. I have set up a time with my friends this past Monday to help brainstorm some ideas and hopefully begin something.

Since I have no clue what I am doing, I have asked two of my theatre friends and my college writing professor, who studied film to help. Of course my theatre friends will be guide in regards to content and plot in this form of writing. My professor said he was going to send references to help with structure and ways to set up the script. I’ll eventually search the for references myself.

When my friends and I talked on Monday, I told them the truth about not knowing what I’m doing. So one of them told me to write a 10-page script and told me not to think about what I was writing. All I could think was: “How am I not supposed to think?”

I am used to thinking about what I’m writing and whether it will make sense and if the plot will match down the line. The 10-page script will be challenge for me to do, but I am up to it. I must finish by the next time we talk to each other.

The reason why I want to create a film script is because I want to try something new with writing, for fun and because of my college writing 2 course. The course was based on the analysis of film and writing papers on them. Watching the films made me want to know what was the process like for the writers of the movie. The dialogue is the backbone of the movie then the visuals.

I think that when stories are created and turned into a great visual masterpiece, it’s pretty freaking awesome. Lately, I have been looking a graduate schools that offer film or television programs. I am finding it hard to chose what I want to do for a Master’s degree.

I think this will conclude my rant about not knowing what I am doing.

And for you Trekkie fans, go see Star Trek: Into Darkness. I found it quite delightful, I want to see it again. (The lens flares don’t disappoint.)

XO Arisa (If you guys have good references for script writing, format, etc.  comment below.)


Drafts and Notebooks

I am currently re-reading a novel draft from a while ago. Oh God, this is the most cringing experience ever! And embarrassing, I cannot help but think ‘Why?’

Reading all of the silly mistakes and what had a strong influence on me when I wrote it is cringe worthy. I cannot wait to rewrite the first and second chapter. The first chapter could use a lot of work and I did not like it as much as I like chapter two. When I wrote the two chapters, there was a large time period between. I could tell that there had been some growth in my writing, which is good, no writer wants their writing to plateau.

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I love creating characters. I find it to be fun. Sometimes I feel like creating characters is an art or craft because what has to be done to make an effective hook for a story. Care has to go into creating them; what they’re like, who they will become, etc.

When I create characters, I first find the name that is suitable to a rough descriptions that I somehow gather, i.e. tall, almost six-foot; male, dark hair, brown eyes. If I can’t think of a name off the top of my head then I search name site and scroll until I find it. When I find the first name, I find a last name.

I usually find names with certain meanings that are going to fit the personality of my character. Sometimes it’s random, if I like the meaning then hello so-and-so. Having the name makes it easier for me to create scenes that suddenly pop into my head.

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What’s your story about?

Writers get this question a lot when they tell people they’re writing a novel. Some writers (like me) dread it, while others are willing to tell people.

The reason why I dread answering this question is because I have tell people what I am writing about, and I fear that they judge when I tell them what it’s about.

When I was writing my first novel, people would ask me. Then I would tell them that it had something to do with vampires. Well, it was more like a new race of vampires. I called them Predators, simply because they prey on vampires- it’s their life source. (I will post a summary and differences between Predators and Vampires later and my first novel.)

Then I get the strangest looks and I assume that they start to worry. This was when the vampire trend was on its rise to obsession.

And my other stories, I don’t want to explain those either. Once I start talking and people ask more questions, I don’t stop talking. Then I give them my super rough draft for a quick read or allow them to read a scene.

I generally let the people I am most comfortable with read my rough drafts on novels/ stories because I trust them. Other people, of course, do not get this privilege- they get the most crappiest summary.

I guess one of the reasons why I have trouble giving people a summary is because I fear of being judged for what I am currently in the process of writing. Now that I think about it, there is always going to be someone who does not like what I write. Secondly, my stories are still in its “baby phase” and its not ready to be shared to the cruel world. Third, I want to be comfortable with my words and where they’re placed. And lastly, the more I write and time goes by the more I know my book.

Once my stories are in its “child-teenage” phase then I am more lenient to tell people about my stories. And when they are “adults”, I hope they are ready to be read by the world.


I am not really sure how I discovered the existence of fanfictions (people writing stories on published works), but I think it started with Harry Potter.

I was bored one day while I was on MuggleNet, not sure what to do and I found a link to HarryPotterFanFiction, clicked on a story and read. The stories I really liked; it was  like an alternate ending, beginning or middle. When I was younger I could not tell the difference between good grammar and bad grammar; however, I did know what I liked structure wise.

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