Summary: Iah, Minako and Azariah have one thing in common. They are the physical manifestations of spirits. Majority of their world is like them. The rest are normal humans — burden by an Earth that has been decimated by populations and war. Some humans think it’s unfair for Spiriters to have ‘power,’ so they decide to uproot those who hold the power and use them for their own means. 

All of them displaced in his or her own way, Iah, Minako and Azariah fight to get back home. 

Status: Writing | 3 chapters complete | One in progress (Azariah POV)

Focus: Map Building | Currently using Inkarnate to create my maps

Iah: People like him, held spirits of animals, to protect or destroy their world. Trapped in containment after a betrayal, he struggles to get back to his loved ones and warn the others like him.

Minako: The women of her family were meant to lead. But she was just a replacement for her brother. She has to fight to be seen as a leader and not just a container for one the most dangerous spirits.

Azariah: Controlled by his father, who thought a non-spiriter should sit upon the throne, uses him to get close to the next ruler. After entering the guard and eligible husband pool, he hides his true nature from everyone.

*working title

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