Short Stories

The Valley // Short Story 

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Ghost Kings // Short Story 

Summary:  When you wake up, you’re greeted by Ghost Reapers, a body specialist who puts you back together after your completed mission. You get a new eye color, different hair style and sometimes new body parts. Once they’ve finished, you’re back to square one – assimilating back into the world, with a new identity. The previous you either doesn’t exist anymore and you start ghosting. 

But the real you does. My real name is [REDACTED] but I go by Calvin Foxe.

Looking for support to help create this short story. I would love to create videos and audio with this short story. If you wish to support please donate with the Ko-Fi link in the sidebar or here. The first few uploads will be free and the rest would be premium content.


Whispers in the Dark – Teen Wolf FanFic*

Deaton warned them of the dangers of their sacrifices — how it will bring more supernatural creatures to Beacon Hills. Now Scott and his pack will need to deal with someone they wouldn’t expect, someone close to Deaton, someone close to Sheriff Stilinski, someone with more power than they have ever encountered before.

Chapter 1 – Intro

Current Chapter: Chapter 6 Misguided Part 1 and  2

Next Chapters: Safest Place – Completed | editing


More short stories (and fan fiction) coming soon

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