Short Stories

Now on Wattpad Ghost Kings // Short Story  Summary:  When you wake up, you’re greeted by Ghost Reapers, a body specialist who puts you back together after your completed mission. You get a new eye color, different hair style and sometimes new body parts. Once they’ve finished, you’re back to square one – assimilating back … More Short Stories


Summary: Iah, Minako and Azariah have one thing in common. They are the physical manifestations of spirits. Majority of their world is like them. The rest are normal humans — burden by an Earth that has been decimated by populations and war. Some humans think it’s unfair for Spiriters to have ‘power,’ so they decide … More Spirits*


Survive. Protect. Fight Summary: Everyone has a part to play in maintaining balance, or Ma’at. For Cori, being a catalyst leads to her being the center of attention. Her path gets tangled between her debt-saddled best friend Trista, and an FBI agent Alex, who is forced to protect her even at the cost of his … More Torque