Editing Services


Thank you for seeking out Words by Flynn’s editing service.

I am interested in taking on projects in romance, young/new adult, and adult genres, as well as blog posts and short stories. I’ll be offering three types of services which are copy editing, developmental editing, and project evaluation. The first five pages of any service* will include a free edit to determine if I am the right editor for you and your story.  Any of these packages can be combined with each other.
*not including blog posts

This is how things will break down:

The Bones, copy edit

This will consist of corrections in grammar, spelling, punctuation, minor fact checking and any continuity errors. The edits will be done in Chicago Manual of Style, unless author prefers AP style. This edit includes two passes between author and editor.

The Big Picture, Project Evaluation

The project evaluation will take a look at the overall feel of the story, what could use work. It will also make sure the author’s goals are met, in terms of what they want to achieve with the project. It will also include a 1-hour video chat.

The Details, development editing

This edit will assist in storyline and plot, aiming to boost what is already there, focus on structure and flow of writing, suggested rewrites and fact checking. It will include a 1-hour video chat with the author.

The Quick Edit, blog posts and short stories

Just for website posts, blog posts and short stories. It will include quick copy editing on posts. What’s changed will also result in feedback for what the writer can improve. This is just for text work, not design.