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The projects below are something that I do for fun because that’s how much I love writing. I am working on several projects at the moment, each at different times.  The first project that I am working on is a novel; it’s my main focus outside of doing things for work. Keep a look out on the site for more information on the character, plots and my overall thought process. Following the novel project is a short story and a three-part series. Check out Writing Vlog 1 to get further details on these projects. Last on the list  is fanfiction (reworking existing works into new plots). I always have ideas and thoughts of what would be cool to add to a fandom. It also  serves as an inspiration to keep writing.

I will do my best to keep this update as I am working on these projects.

Torque | Novel


Cori is half human and Iyr (a decedent of a Watcher). She is aware of the strange things happening around her and her own abilities but only to an extent and becomes a catalytic force in an impending war to maintain Ma’at.  

Current Chapter: Chapter 12 | 1/3 completed


Spirits | Three-part series

Summary: Iah, Minako and Ryu have one thing in common. They are the physical manifestations of spirits. Majority of their world is like them. The rest are normal humans — burden by an Earth that has been decimated by populations and war. Some humans think it’s unfair for Spiriters to have ‘power,’ so they decide to uproot those who hold the power and use them for their own means. 

All of them displaced in his or her own way, Iah, Minako and Ryu fight to get back home. 

IahPeople like him, held spirits of animals, to protect or destroy their world. Those who didn’t have spirits used him and others for power.// Minako: The women of her family were meant to lead. Meant to rule. As Queen-to-be, she was spoken about in kindness, until she met her husband’s father.// Ryu: Controlled by his father, who thought normal man should sit upon the throne, used him to get close to the next ruler. Entering the guard and eligible husband pool, he hid his true nature.


The Ghost Kings* | Short Story

Summary: When you wake up, you’re greeted by Ghost Reapers, a body specialist who puts you back together after your completed mission. You get a new eye color, different hair style and sometimes new body parts. Once they’ve finished, you’re back to square one – assimilating back into the world, with a new identity. The previous you either doesn’t exist anymore and you start ghosting. 

But the real you does. My real name is [REDACTED] but I go by Calvin Foxe.  

*Short Story hasn’t been posted yet.


Whispers in the Dark – Teen Wolf | Fanfiction:


Deaton warned them of the dangers of their sacrifices — how it will bring more supernatural creatures to Beacon Hills. Now Scott and his pack will need to deal with someone they wouldn’t expect, someone close to Deaton, someone close to Sheriff Stilinski, someone with more power than they have ever encountered before.

Chapter 1 – Intro

Current Chapter:

Chapter 6  – Misguided Ghosts | Part 1

Next Chapter:

Chapter 7 – Safest Place – Completed | editing

Chapter 8 – Becoming Harmonious – Uncompleted | 1/3