In America, the President…

In America, the President reigns for four years, and Journalism governs forever and ever.

-Oscar Wilde

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Forever gone

So unforunately my original creative writing teacher aka Jacky Legs, is not coming back to teach the class. The sub (Mr. Lyons) said that the doctor told him (Jacky Legs) he shouldn’t go back to class. The class is still up in the air because we don’t have a class schedule. I have no clue … More Forever gone

Teacher Sickness

I meant to post on Friday, but it’s very clear that I didn’t. Apparently my creative writing teacher got sick over Labor day holiday and did not come in on Tuesday. So he asked someone to fill in for him. The sub was nice and we were able to read poems that we had brought … More Teacher Sickness

Creative Writing

I started school on this past Monday and I was already excited for my creative writing class more than anything. Since I have a writing minor, I have to take this class; I had other options like business writing and technical writing, I chose the latter and creative writing. Before choosing the teacher of all of my … More Creative Writing


I am reminded everyday to be happy Happy for what I have. With so many things That could happen Something can easily slip away. There are times when I wish it were yesterday To repeat the same feelings, good feelings. To relish in those feelings  and keep them. Because feelings can lasts for a few … More Reminders


“Relax” The nurse said, holding a needle and an alcohol pad. ‘Oh, man, this is gonna hurt’ I thought and dread flutters in my stomach. She wipes the textured pad on on arm; the section of my arm began to dry slowly. “It’s going to be a little poke” she said, drying the rest of … More Needles…


Honestly, I love when books are going to be turned into movies or TV shows; it makes the fandom of a series larger. But sometimes I feel like it’s out of control. It’s almost like, once a book becomes a New York Times bestseller, someone in hollywood is thinking: “We can make a crap load … More Adaptations