Joining the crew of freelance editors

I’ve been debating about doing this for a while and I’ve decided to take the plunge: I’ve decided to take on freelance editing. 

Editing is something that I enjoy doing, especially when it comes to fiction. I’ve picked up a few projects from close friends that have asked for help with fiction works and academic papers. 

The kind of editing that I do takes on a form of line edits/basic copyediting* and developmental. I own Chicago Manual of Style book, 17th edition, so that is what I would use for fiction editing. As for academic, I tend to edit with a professor’s requirements of a paper and how it should be styled, i.e. APA, and basic line editing. I also would make suggestions on how to articulate what is meant.


Fiction and academic works are just two types I plan to start with, but not limited to once I am ready to take on works. (I’m finishing my novel, which you can track the progress under the Currently Writing tab and on Instagram.)

I will not take on any nonfiction works outside of academia as to not interfere with my day job,  which I mainly edit in AP style. 

I’ll make a separate post once I’m ready to helping out my fellow writers. 

P.S. I’ve created a Ko-Fi account, so if you like some of the content I produce here, feel free to donate there. It would be greatly appreciated.


*In Chicago style, copyediting is one word while AP style it is two.

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