Few favorite writerly audio things

I was going to write about my word count this week, but I felt like I needed a little more time and break down my process better. So, instead, here are a few audio things that I’ve been enjoying these last few weeks:

Writing Excuses Podcast – Mary Robinette Kowall, Brandon Sanderson, Howard Taylor, and Dan Wells are the main hosts of the 15 minute segments. I wish they were longer, but they do touch on subjects more than once. They also bring in guest writers to help guide their discussion on said subject.  I would suggest going onto their website to explore what they have.

Well-Storied Podcast – Kristen Kieffer hosts this 15 minute podcast, which are audio versions of some of her articles from well-storied.com. Below are just samplings of her 50+ podcasts that I’ve enjoyed.

Audiobooks are how I am getting my reading fix on. So far, I’ve listened to what some may call must-reads if you’re interested in writing. Whether you’re starting to write or have something under your belt, these are great.

Anne Lamott – “Bird by Bird –  This was a short audiobook narrated by the author that gives you a push and a reminder to take on your manuscript one word at a time. I think this is a book that talks about the realities of being a writer.

Steven King – “On Writing“- This is also narrated by the author, this also reflects on the realities of being a writer. In the beginning, you hear about how King became a writer. His mini lessons begin after he talks about his life as writer and process of certain books. They are easy to understand and straight to the point, especially when covering the basics. This is a book that writers talk about when they talk about their journey.

I believe with anything that comes with writing advice, I think you should take what you need from the material. Not everything writers discuss is in stone.


Mugglecast Podcast – If you’re a Harry Potter  fan, I hope you’ve been listening to this podcast. If not, this is the perfect time; they all talk all things HP related and Wizarding World. The episodes are about an hour long on average and come out weekly.

Sophie Kinsella – “My Not So Perfect Life” and ” Surprise Me“- When I’ve listened to these audiobooks, I find myself immersed in the story; I listen to these while I work and I find myself laughing during the funny parts and during the emotion parts I feel for the character. Both of these books are narrated by Fiona Hardingham.

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