New Year, so what’s next?

Yes, it happened again. I went away at the sometime in September.

I didn’t make my self-imposed deadline for Torque, but I have a good reason:

October was a busy month for me and the things I had planned to post for that month fell to the wayside. The reason why is because I decided to take a leap and apply to a graduate school.

The application required a fiction writing sample. So needless to say, writing a fiction sample and writing a book became a bit much. I needed to focus on the sample to make sure it was well-written and reflected on my skills as a fiction writer.  I submitted a new sample of my work instead the chapter I previous written.

Now, you’re probably wondering why. My instincts told me to rewrite part of the first chapter and not submit what I had. What helped was that I was itching to rewrite the beginning of my book in the first place. I am happy with my decision to rewrite and submit the new version. So fingers crossed.

I will be as consistent as possible, posting mostly on Mondays or Wednesday about three times a month. I will also be opening up a Ko-Fi account to help support the content that goes on to the page. Once that gets posted, please feel free to donate.

But now onto the what I have planned for the rest of the year:

Prompts: Expect to see them each month for the rest of the year. I also have plans to share my own responses to them, as well as post separate short stories for other projects.

Write Reads: Expect to see at least five or six of them this year. I know what I want to read, but I may refrain from mentioning them if plans change on when I want to get posted.

Tips and resources: I plan to explore and experiment  with ways to make the journey easier. I want to be able to link writers with something that will help. I know it’s tempting to want to do everything yourself/ make it on your own, but getting help will make the process easier.

Writing tools: I hope to to review writing apps, especially for phone apps, and taking another look at Scrivener, which is now updated.

Editing Services: Later this year, I am planning to open up slots for freelance editing. I plan charge an hourly rate—but there will be separate post on it once I am ready to open spots up.

Thanks for reading and keep a look out for next week’s writing prompt.

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