Terell Wilson Memorial Scholarship

This is going to be my first post of my travel blog. It was previously named, “In Firenze.” Mainly because I thought I was going to blog throughout my time in Italy. I didn’t. Clearly. I did, however take notes on my phone for many trips. The more I tell people where I went, I realized I can still remember the little details.

I remember a friend of mine, Terell Wilson, calling me “Little one” on the school trips to Venice, Perugia, Rome and Milan. Even when we hung out in Firenze. Unfortunately, October of 2014 Terell died in his sleep. The day I heard the news I was at my internship, my friend Caity texted me asking if I had heard anything. She was unsure herself as well, but like her I checked Terell’s Facebook and saw some people leave condolences on his wall.

He was tall black guy with facial hair along his jawline and upper lip. He wore hats or his taqiyah to cover his head. He always did great impressions of our KSU Florence Program Director, Fabrizio. He would usually be seen smiling. His cooking was amazing. He teased Caity whenever he got a chance when we hung out together and it was fun. He would be seen off to the side from the group taking selfies.

While we were abroad, he became like a big brother to me and a great friend to others. He was one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met.

His death didn’t really hit me until I went to his funeral on Oct. 10. Even to this day, I think about Terell and how much I really miss him.

Thursday afternoon on Facebook, there was a post about Terell. The former dean of College of Communication and Information at KSU, Stan Wearden and his wife Deborah Davis announced a scholarship in honor of Terell. I read the long post and started to tear up. His memory will not only live on through the people he met, but in this scholarship.

If you are willing to donate, feel free to read the post and follow the link provided. I am extremely grateful that this scholarship exists and people will know his name.

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