Character Profile (CP) | Cori A. Woods

Hello All, I hope you enjoy the very short post of my main character Cori from my novel, Torque. Until Wednesday.

XO Arisa


Birth Name: Cori Ava B-Woods

  • aka. Cori A. Woods

Role: Protagonist

Age: 21-22 (Torque)

Birthday: May 1, 1991

Gender: Female

Height: 5’4″

Personality in three words:

  • Passionate
  • Detail- Oriented
  • Smart


I would describe Cori as toned, hour-glass figure.  She has upturned brown eyes (white halo when she uses her abilities, but not all the time), small ears and mouth. She has a curly hair, but’s usually straightened or up in a sloppy bun or ponytail. It falls around her shoulders when down.