Title Evolution

Below is the evolution of my novel’s title, Torque.

Click the image, it looks better.

In my previous post, I  am sure I mentioned that I started writing Torque in 8th grade. It had became my escape from my crappy middle school years (particularly 7th and 8th). I started writing the very first draft in my home-economics class – or whatever it was called. At this point in my life, I watched several vampire movies, shows and books, so I started writing this vampiric-like book. I didn’t want it to be normal vampires – so I made some changes to make it different.

But at that time, my character Cori, was struggling with being a half-blood (I am changing this name, it’s so overused). Apart of being a half-blood she ended up getting fangs – well they emerged after tasting blood. Boom! There’s the origin of the first title.

The second title’s origin is not a long explanation – I took out Taste of Blood because it was too vampirish. I wanted the title to be different. (But having a title Fangs, still implies vampires.)

As for number three, it took me longer. A couple of months after renaming Fangs: ToB  to Fangs,  I wanted to change the title. I want readers to not judge my book by it’s title and make assumptions. After developing Cori more, with other characters, I wanted her to have this thing for science. Physics, to be exact. The more and more I thought about it, I knew Cori was the catalyst – that she was only a piece in the puzzle or the first domino waiting to push the others. After realizing this I started to look up physics terms that may be able to work for my book’s content.

Thus, I found the term torque and started using it. In my first progress update, I give a small summary of the story and I mention the definition of the term torque.

I am hoping to continue this theme of physics terms. I plan to use the term quantum, but I don’t know which order that is in of the series yet. It may replace book two’s title The Hunt. I will see once I am finished with my book, which may take a while.

Until Wednesday!

Ciao, XO Arisa

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