Booktube and Blog name change?

I’ve been passing time by going on YouTube watching beauty videos and peoples’ life vlogs, when I discovered the wonderful thing called BookTube. For those that do not know what BookTube is, it’s a community of video bloggers who talk about books. I forgot who I started watching first, but the more and more I kept watching the more I want to do something like that. Basically join the BookTube community and also talk about my writing, with progress updates and possibly share short stories (under 15 minutes because that’s the limit for non-YouTube partners).

When I was in Italy, I vlogged what I was doing on certain days. I was going to upload them, but my friend said he would help me edit and when we got back, two weeks later he went back to Peru. So, my Italia adventures will be waiting to be posted. I might just upload it all together. I loved doing it. One of my favorite videos is when I was in Munich and I was recording my bike ride through one of the parks. So I feel like I will be doing that in the future, when I had a solid idea of how I am going to conduct my channel.

I have been thinking about changing my blog name to Arisafwrites. I feel like the current blog name can represent any writing blog, so I might as well personalize it for me. I am not set on the name change to Arisafwrites, but I will be changing it in late Aug. or Sept.

I am going to keep this post nice and short. I will update later this week with a book haul of the books I bought or borrowing. I will also do a TBR list as well.

Until Sunday! Ciao.

XO Arisa

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