I’m Back ~ Kind Of

Whoa! It’s seriously been months since I have updated my blog. Second semester took me by storm, tossed me in the ocean with nothing and I had to learn to swim. I’m swimming now, but I was definitely drowning for a bit. Not going to lie. Since I can’t update as often as I want to, I will post some motivational quotes.

I have so many plans that I want to execute  when I am not swamped with school work. Here is the list.

1. I am going to post more often. I was thinking about doing some writing vlogs or something with video.
2. Finish my freaking novel rewrite. I really miss writing my characters. And I have named it too. It’s called Torque. (A summary will be posted later.)
3. FILM SCRIPT with my friends. I am really excited to write the script this summer. They have the theatre experience and I have the writing skills. So, I thought why not.
4. I’ll post short stories and poetry, and snips of my novels. Including more of my journalistic articles. Others can be found here.
5. Blog responses, book reviews~ hopefully with  chapter responses. I will put polls in after each reviews to get a consensus of what you guys want me to read.

I am going to hold myself to these because it’s on the internet and what’s on the internet stays forever.

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