It’s only the first three pages redone + another page

Yes, winter break
Yes, winter break

I am done with school. For now. I will enjoy it as long as I can. I know I have not updated in the longest time. I was trying to do two posts a month, but as you all can tell I did not do well with that.

So for my creative writing class, everyone had to turn in two pieces of works that we thought were the best. It didn’t matter how long it had be, we just had to turn it in. Cool, I can do that. I turn in a poem and the first three pages of my novel redone, plus an extra page. I felt like I did well. The final project was to determine if we had received an A in the class.

I took people’s thoughts into consideration on how to make it better. I added more detail. I added an extra page, even though I wanted it to be 5. (I was running out of time, after saying I would turn it in at 2, it was all ready 230-ish.) After waiting several days, and not getting the grades I wanted from my other classes, I was getting a little impatient. I understood that he had to read everyone’s work and make a decision, but on Tuesday, 10 minutes before grades were due I see my grade.

A B+. Cool. No big deal, but seriously. I felt like I worked hard to get an A, but got a B+ instead. Yeah, my grade could have been worse.  I think that the last thing to determine an A was our final project, was a little unfair, but it is a creative writing class.

I am glad that class was a success, my news writing class was not. It was a pain in the ASS. Like a big pain. The class has left me questioning my major and with dry writing. Sweet.

XO Arisa

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