It’s only the first three pages

Tuesday, I read the first three pages of my novel in class. It wasn’t bad. But I hate reading my work out loud. For instance, I noticed I used the word ‘door’ multiple times, when it was not necessary. I find it funny how you find things when you read everything out loud.

When I heard everyone’s critique, I begin to realize how much people expect out of the first three pages. Isn’t there a saying that it’s the first three pages that should capture the reader before they move on with their lives? Something like that. I got good feedback, saying I need to hone a little bit more on the perspective of my character. I was attempting to go for a third person limited, but I am not sure if I completed that task successfully.

I find it really hard because I am trying not to put so much of myself in it. Which is one of the reasons why I don’t want to have this story in first person. Plus third person view will make the image I am trying to create a little bigger.

Then they kept calling my fantasy/ action fiction, sci-fi, I was slightly offended. But that’s another subject for another time.

As they went on and on about wanting to know more and wondering why I put certain things in and wanting more from background (or something), a classmate of mine reminded them that it is the first three pages, and that I am not going to reveal the whole plot on the first page. Though I did not much to go on, everything I write will play it’s part later. I rarely add fluff.

Overall, majority of the people liked what I did. Which is cool and makes me feel confident in my writing. Well, I am off to do boring homework.

XO Arisa

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