Creative Writing

I started school on this past Monday and I was already excited for my creative writing class more than anything. Since I have a writing minor, I have to take this class; I had other options like business writing and technical writing, I chose the latter and creative writing.

Before choosing the teacher of all of my classes, I look them up on I couldn’t find the teacher, I even tried to google him and it didn’t work. So I took the chance and decided on this unknown teacher. Turns out when I got to class on Tuesday, he’s a graduate student.

He is unorganized, but his attitude about writing is exciting and the class is pretty chill. Most professors and some graduate assistants are more strict, organized and have a set way of doing things. But this is a creative writing class, so grading things are going to be difficult to judge. After Thursday I am still unsure what’s going to be graded. I’m just going to go with the wind on this.

Sure he talks a lot, (he kept us the whole time the first day of class; it’s not unheard of, but still), I feel like I am going to get a lot out of this class. Which is good because I eventually want to write for a living. (Who knows how that’s going to work out.) He said that he believed the Harry Potter world was real, which made me freaking happy. All I could think was that I have a cool ass teacher, who kind of look likes Matt Smith (from Doctor Who #11).

He said we could call him Jacky Legs, yesterday. Which I thought was weird…I guess I am still in the mentality of Instructor-Student. Whatever. No big deal.

The first assignment is to find a poem we like and bring it in to class.

Now that I have that rant out, I will be updating the things that I do in my creative writing class along with the work I produce. I’m tired and it’s been a week. So glad I have no class on Fridays!!!

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