“Relax” The nurse said, holding a needle and an alcohol pad.

‘Oh, man, this is gonna hurt’ I thought and dread flutters in my stomach.

She wipes the textured pad on on arm; the section of my arm began to dry slowly.

“It’s going to be a little poke” she said, drying the rest of the alcohol off my left arm.

I looked away, waiting for this ‘poke’.

The vaccine exited the tiny needle with a slight prick to my skin.

A bandage is placed on my arm.

Okay, so it wasn’t so bad.

Until this morning and it feels like I’ve been punched 5 times

in the same freaking spot.


I’m a little rusty at my poetry skills. I guess I shall work on that. Then I got my blood drawn after….that was a pain:

NEW NURSE: “Relax…..Your vein keeps moving”

ME, thinking: Oh, sure, keep prodding the needle under my skin. No big deal. Let’s just go in a chase to find my run away vein.

I can’t lift my left arm so much because it’s so sore. I’m just going to be slightly lazy today and I’ll try and have another post up as soon as possible.