Blog Response: It Isn’t About You…

This is a blog response to Allie B. Books post: It isn’t about you…

I am so glad that this post was made! At the time Allie B. Books made this post, I was feeling meh about my writing. I was also afraid of putting too much of myself into the words I wrote. Sure there is an eraser at the end of my pencil, but it still doesn’t shake the feeling that I’m putting to much of myself in it. Like the title of the post said, It isn’t about you.

There are pointers that are in the post itself and makes note of the things that writers put in their stories. Stating the type of character, Allie B. Books, proceeds to explain that certain characters are the way they are because of an influence in our lives.

I think it’s good to put a little bit of yourself in your novel but it depends on how much you put into. If it’s too much then it becomes a problem, but there is a thing called an eraser/ backspace button.

Three main parts of this post are: The Bully as the Whipping Boy, The Stone- Carved Lover, and The Everything I Wish I Was. Each section points out problems and/ or solutions to avoid character development that you probably don’t want.

To read this blog, just click the link above. And good luck writing!

XO Arisa

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