I finally did it. I finally started my first novel again. And the word ‘Finally’ is the first word. I am happy that I started again because I was really hesitant because I did not nowhere to start. I think I was even afraid to start, not wanting it to be bad. But I thought about what a mentor said to me. He said don’t be afraid to write.

It constantly played in my head over and over last night, until 2 am hit and I started writing. And for some reason I find it easier to write at the dead of night/ morning than during the day. Maybe because of the things that are going on and the tasks that I have to complete.

Does anyone else write super late?

Also, I will make another post soon about some organizing things that I did recently for notebooks, but I can’t find my camera at all. The only camera I have is the one on my phone and it did not produce the best quality. So until my parents get back with their camera, I am camera-less. Maybe this is a sign I need a new camera? 🙂

Oh, yeah. Does anyone watch the Legend of Korra?I’m Excited for Saturday!

xo Arisa