Blog Response: So much for the penny press. BuzzMachine

This is a response to Jeff Jarvis’ So much for the penny press.

In this post Jarvis talks about the high prices of newspapers, mainly the New York Times. He accounts for the inflation of the economy and changing times like the internet.

What I like about this article is the comparison of how people way back when, depended on the newspaper to sell things and now everyone is depending on social networking and other forms of media to sell something. It makes me think on how advertising will change, along with sell hardcopies of newspaper.

Because of the internet everything has become more accessible.

Jarvis also questions the pricing of the newspapers.  Since the internet and more advancement in technology the prices are obiviously going to go up. The paper would need to support those that are still writing for print. It may become smaller. But a large, well-known newspaper like the New York Times won’t become too thin.

Other newspapers, however will have to compensate online and may have to stop printing hardcopies of newspapers. Which sucks.

The upcoming generation should be able to experience actual hardcopies of things and not have everything be digital, but that is just my opinion.