Blog Response: Lies. BuzzMachine

This is a blog response to Jeff Jarvis’ Lies.

Jarvis’ post is what happened with Mike Daisey and how Daisey made up stories about the Apple Factory in China. At the end of the post Jarvis’ says that Daisey is license to lie because he is not a journalist. Jarvis’ has a really good point.

Since anyone can become a journalist by tweeting or make frequent posts on blog hosting spots, more “news” is feed to the people that want to read it. Another thing that I have on my mind is that news is what people make it and what they are interested in. People that feed on the “news” will take what they  want to know and use it for their own knowledge.

Of course, journalist have a duty to tell the truth when they are reporting. Otherwise, they will lose their credibility as a journalist and lose an audience.

Telling the truth in today’s society is important but not everyone does is it because of certain reasons.

The post that Jarvis makes is really interesting to me as a journalism student and being a spectator of media. Anyone can lie and anyone can be deceived. It’s a lesson learned to not always take everything as the truth when you hear or see it.

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