Blog Response: Letter to 2040. BuzzMachine

This is a blog post in response to Jeff Jarvis’ Letter to 2040.

The blog that Jarvis posts is somewhat interesting because of what it says about the internet affecting print. I believe that the internet has been a big part of how press has reduced production. Since everything is being put online and accessed through the internet, the need for press is not as important. The internet allows for constant updates for certain news stories.

In the blog, Jarvis talks about how newspapers, books and magazines are becoming digital. Then he asks what is a book? I think that the questions depends on which generation that it is asked too. In a older generation, that is not technologically savvy may call a book something that is seen on bookshelf: papers bound together by card broad or thick paper. Some in my generation may call a book what an older generation calls it and something that can be digital. As the younger and upcoming generation may call a book something digital.

At the end of the blog Jarvis says that type may become a memory, I just hope that this won’t happen. There is a great value in having a book to hold.

One thought on “Blog Response: Letter to 2040. BuzzMachine

  1. I understand what you are talking about. I fear that for the people that want to go into magazine journalism, as well as newspaper, about time we get a out into our careers print is going to be totally gone. The internet is taking over everything and will not stop until it gets us all. The only thing that is wrong with the internet because digital is it provides less and less jobs for people because there is nobody doing the extra stuff it takes to form a newspaper or a magazine. We even have books being upload online. This world is moving from the thing of the pass ( which is print, to a whole new innovative way to do your reading, which is accessing it through the internet.

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