I love creating characters. I find it to be fun. Sometimes I feel like creating characters is an art or craft because what has to be done to make an effective hook for a story. Care has to go into creating them; what they’re like, who they will become, etc.

When I create characters, I first find the name that is suitable to a rough descriptions that I somehow gather, i.e. tall, almost six-foot; male, dark hair, brown eyes. If I can’t think of a name off the top of my head then I search name site and scroll until I find it. When I find the first name, I find a last name.

I usually find names with certain meanings that are going to fit the personality of my character. Sometimes it’s random, if I like the meaning then hello so-and-so. Having the name makes it easier for me to create scenes that suddenly pop into my head.

Once my characters are created I treat them like my babies until I want something bad to happen to them.

I am terribly toward my characters, and I am sure most writers are just to develop their character. Sometimes I wonder if I have gone too far with making certain things happen, mostly dealing with bad situations.

I have a character named Chester and I make him so broken, including the people and situations that surround him. And the things that I make happen is something that is controversial. (Maybe I will post things about that story also)

Then there are those characters that are based on my friends and people I don’t like. I find it fun to put friends into a story but change several things about them. And the people that I don’t like, well let’s just say I do terrible things. Or I make them evil and kill them off. That’s always fun.

Creating the main characters(Primary and Secondary) and the minor characters is a task that is important to the story line. Of course. The minor characters may not seem to be very important but they are. They help move the story along for the main characters. Though their job is not as big as the Primary and Secondary characters.

Primary and Secondary- the protagonists and other important characters. I don’t think there is a need to explain their job.

I thinks that’s all I have for now. Took me forever to post, but school had (and will continue) to be in the way.

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XO Arisa

One thought on “Characters

  1. Hello!
    This is really interesting. I love how you describe your characters and how you think of their names. I was curious if you based your characters off of people you see too? One of my favorite television shows, Castle, is about a writer shadowing a police officer to use as a character for his book. I have not created many characters, but I like the idea of creating them based off a person with an interesting and intriguing personality. In the show, Castle happens upon the police officer because someone is killing people and using scenes in his books. He is so taken by her he begins to shadow her and BAM the show exists. I guess I want to know if you just think of characters or if something sparks an idea, later sparking a character. And how do you have your characters develop and change? I always think about writing a book, but I never get to it. I guess I don’t have confidence in my abilities to convey a character. How do you give the character depth and make them understandable to your audience.
    Good luck with your characters and future blog posts!

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