I am not really sure how I discovered the existence of fanfictions (people writing stories on published works), but I think it started with Harry Potter.

I was bored one day while I was on MuggleNet, not sure what to do and I found a link to HarryPotterFanFiction, clicked on a story and read. The stories I really liked; it was  like an alternate ending, beginning or middle. When I was younger I could not tell the difference between good grammar and bad grammar; however, I did know what I liked structure wise.

After I finished a series I like to look at what people write, what they want to happen and “wish” on things that did not happen. And all of the stories that I liked the most, they were abandoned. And the more I became picky over grammar and structure the more I would stay away from fanfictions. The fewer grammar mistakes that were published, the more readable it would be.

And I am not saying I am some big grammar guru; I failed my GUP (grammar, usage and punctuation) test, twice.

Anyways back on topic. Fanfictions.

I find it amusing on how many rules people make up while writing for a specific series, just to go along with it or not. What I also find in fanfictions, are the common themes.  The themes varies on the type of protagonist, whether they are male or female their companion, etc.

The themes that I see are that Protagonists gets their other or gets pregnant; someone of significance leaving then returning; long lost brother or sister; parents come back or  become alive; adoption of a protagonist from protagonist’s family friend.

Themes like that, just to be very generic. These are the things I have read. Time after time, they get very boring, but it depends on how the fanfiction is written.

If there happens to a spin on a common used theme then I will keep reading. If I can guess where it’s going then I am searching for a new fanfiction to entertain myself.

But as a writer, I think writing fanfictions are great practice to developing novels. I am not going to lie, I wrote one on . Then I stop it, took it down, put it back up and down again. I guess what I wanted from writing the fanfiction did not happen. I wanted many people to read my story, love and tell the people they knew. When I read the reviews (great for feedback), I had a lot to work on. The second time I took it down, I was more satisfied with it. Sure it wasn’t the best, but I liked it.

I still write on it in my free time because I want to and I enjoy writing. It’s for my own entertainment. I even have more that I wanted to be on the site, but I rather keep them unseen.

When I write them, I am developing more ideas, plots, and all that good stuff that goes into writing a novel. Though I might not use the exact plot for anything, I can create motifs . Alter the theme, completely change something and start something new. The more the idea is distorted from its original form, the better.

I think I have written too much. Until next time.

XO Arisa

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